JPSG - (quick post)

As time passes by, no words can explain how thankful I am for this guy right here. Those times where we hung out in the beginning and not knowing where we would end up, amazes me. In just one more month, it’ll be our one year together. Amazing how time can pass by fast. I doubt you’ll see this since you’re not off of work till 12A.M, but if you do, hi. haha. Thank you for always putting up with my bullshit, for always being there and supporting me, and for also making me the happiest person in the world. No matter how annoying you may be, or how many times we can fight, I won’t find myself falling out of love with you. You make me go crazy, yet you keep me sane. You’re that person who I honestly can’t let go of. No matter how many times I may say that you deserve better, I’m glad that you’re sticking next to me. These past few days have been rough for the both of us, constantly fighting, crying here and there, but in the end, it’s always back to us two being together in each others arms right? You’re amazing, and I’m glad that you came into my life <3 I’m sorry for not giving you the things that you deserve or treating you the way I should be. Thank you for everything. Not guna type everything until it reaches that one year mark, haha. 

I love you, John Gonzalez. 

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